When EuroBike 2015 in Friedrichshafen opens on August 26th, a new bicycle era will begin. Together with its project partners from Storck Bicycle and the Institute for Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology (ILK) at Dresden Technical University, REHAU presents a world premiere in nam:e: an innovative bicycle frame concept allowing the industrial frame production of E-Bikes in Germany, which was long believed to be lost, and convinces users with individual designs as well as functions and surprises for integration.



Rehau./Friedrichshafen.- In the development of nam:e, REHAU draws on its many years of experience as an automotive supplier and combines this with innovation par excellence. It is not only bicycle enthusiasts who can be pleased with the result; the economic location of Germany also benefits. The special production technology facilitates manufacture on the doorstep in Europe.


The special feature is the design of the frame, which can bear a load of up to 280 kilograms, is produced in a new process, and consists of innovative composite materials. With the design, which is deliberately modern and can be customised individually, REHAU hopes to inspire a broad target audience with its world premiere: from bicycle fans to couch potatoes, from small children to grandmothers, and from Helsinki to Lisbon.


As every person is unique and has different needs, the bicycles of the future should be as individual as their riders: in a few steps, the bicycle should be adaptable to any life situation and any taste. At the EuroBike show, ideas will therefore be presented for how the E-BikeBody can be produced in all colours desired, with various surface structures, and equipped with extras co-ordinated to the design, for example such as a child seat or a fold-out bag. At the same time, it also allows secure, elegant stowing and charging of a smartphone in the body as well as offering – concealed in the housing – plenty of space for accessories. Because all common functions can also be integrated optimally, the smartphone can be easily networked with the components of the E-BikeBody and thus controlled with apps. Moreover, the owner can have an impact on the weight of the bicycle by deciding how many batteries will be required for the journey and connecting them via a plug & play system. The future also promises great things: in co-operation with bicycle manufacturers, many new products and designs as well as further options for integrating functions can be developed.


Incidentally: The E-BikeBody is 100% recyclable. REHAU is therefore making a lasting contribution to protecting the environment with another innovation.



nam:e has been created as part of a research project of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. Other development partners are bicycle manufacturer Storck Bicycle as well as the Institute for Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology (ILK) at Dresden Technical University.